Lockdown Recipes From The Kitchen

New Recipes Each Week

While we all have a little more time at home, why not take to the kitchen and turn your hand to something new?

Each week, our Chefs will be adding one of their recipes that are used in the restaurant.

Cornish Pasty

Crisp pastry, filled with diced chunks of beef, potato, carrot and swede.  Seasoned beautifully with black pepper and Worcestershire Sauce – a simply perfect Cornish Pasty!

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Light, fluffy, vanilla sponge, topped with “Cadbury’s Creme Egg” butter cream and shards of chocolate.

Hot Cross Buns

Apple and Golden Raisin Hot Cross Buns

Just in time for Easter, these soft, lightly spiced hot cross buns are full of beautiful apple and sultanas – perfect when toasted with lots of butter!

Belgian Buns

Lockdown Recipes Belgian Buns Eckington Manor Cookery School

Soft, sweet bread dough with lemon curd and raisins, dipped in smooth glace icing and topped off with a shiny red cherry!

Chocolate Brownies

Lockdown Recipes Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies Eckington Manor Cookery School

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies

With Easter just around the corner, we thought it was time to indulge in these rich Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies!

Cinnamon Rolls

Lockdown Recipes Cinammon Rolls Eckington Manor Cookery School

Spirals of fragrant cinnamon and rich muscovado sugar drizzled with a luxurious vanilla glaze … a perfect afternoon treat!

Toffee & Peanut Muffins

Lockdown Recipes Sticky Toffee Peanut Muffins Buns Eckington Manor Cookery School

Salted Sticky Toffee & Peanut Muffins.

Soft, moist date sponge with a fudge centre, topped with Mexican caramel and salted peanuts – these muffins are a real treat!

Iced Lemon Buns

Lockdown Recipes Iced Lemon Buns Eckington Manor Cookery School

Our twist on the classic iced bun – soft, white, lemony buns with a zingy citrus icing glaze.

These are sure to take you right back to your food tech lessons at school!

Choux Buns

Lockdown Recipes Choux Buns Eckington Manor Cookery School

Light and fluffy choux buns with crispy chocolate craquelin, filled with a velvety salted caramel cream – these little gems are perfect as a tea time treat or a delicious dessert!

Egg Custards

Lockdown Recipes Egg Custards Eckington Manor Cookery School

A classic and one that we absolutely love – a good old egg custard tart.  

Crumbly, nutty, sweet pastry filled with rich vanilla egg custard and a generous sprinkling of nutmeg to finish – what could be better!

Our egg custard recipe is perfect for an afternoon or tea time snack or even a dessert paired perfectly with some poached rhubarb and Chantilly cream!

Sausage Rolls

Lockdown Recipes Sausage Rolls Eckington Manor Ciokery School

Our twist on the classic sausage roll – quick and easy to make and just heavenly, especially when dipped in some brown sauce!

We serve them as part of the savoury selection in our amazing afternoon tea.


Lockdown Recipes Scones Eckington Manor Cookery School

Our crumbly and light scones that feature in our afternoon and cream teas!

For the perfect afternoon snack, fill with clotted cream, jam or even a bit of lemon curd.

Fish Pie

Lockdown Recipes Fish Pie Eckington Manor Cookery School

Our traditional fish pie recipe is light, creamy and utterly delicious, crammed full of beautiful salmon, cod and prawns – a great winter warmer!

And for those of us who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, our Sommelier suggests pairing this beautiful pie with a glass of New World Unoaked Chardonnay.