Accommodation, Restaurant & Events Bookings and Cancellations

A minimum of 7 days notice is required for modification/cancellation of an accommodation reservation.   At the sole discretion of the proprietor, the charge MAY be waived in full if the total value of the booking can be replaced in full.  We require a valid credit card to secure bookings and reserve the right to charge the card as detailed above.  By entering into this contract, you are authorising us to make the above charges to the card without any additional consent being required.

For bookings of 2 rooms or more, and/or 3 nights or more, and/or special events and public holidays, we require a minimum of 21 days’ notice of cancellation or amendment of any reservation to avoid a cancellation charge of at least 50% of the total value of the reservation as detailed in your confirmation letter.  We require a valid credit card to secure bookings and reserve the right to charge the card as detailed above.   By entering into this contract you are authorising us to make the above charges to the card without any additional consent being required.

Room allocations – we do our very best to accommodate guest requests for specific bedrooms, room features and location of bedroom. We reserve the right to CHANGE rooms and/or location, at short notice, to the same category originally booked.

Bookings made via purchase through a third party (e.g. Groupon) cannot be changed or refunded once a booking confirmation has been sent by Eckington Manor.

Children over the age of 8 years may be accommodated.  Child put up beds can be placed in Luxury Rooms only at the cost of £35.00 per bed per night.  Maximum one put up bed per room.

Dog Policy
Eckington Manor is a dog friendly establishment. As our guest, you are welcome to bring your dog into the hotel reception area, allocated bedroom and Garden Bar.
We do not charge for your dog to accompany you when staying in guest accommodation. We do, however, politely request that you bring their bedding, food, treats and toys with you, and do not let them use the beds or chairs.

It is essential to advise  Eckington Manor that your dog will be joining you during your stay at the time of making your reservation – not all of our bedrooms are deemed dog friendly.  Dog friendly bedrooms are subject to availability.

Upon arrival at Eckington Manor, we shall ask you to read and sign the following guest dog agreement form:
1. I agree and understand that additional fees may apply in the event my dog causes any damage.
2. No more than one dog is permitted to stay in a bedroom.
3. I must keep my dog on a leash when my dog is outside my room.
4. I will not leave my dog unattended in my room for long periods of time and I must notify Reception if I leave my dog unattended in my room. .
5. I understand that dogs are not allowed in the main Restaurant (excluding assistance dogs).
6. I understand that if my dog is in my room, I must be present, if and while my room is being serviced byany staff member(s) (i.e., housekeeper, maintenance, room service, etc.), unless other arrangements have been made in advance with Reception.
7. I agree that I am responsible for the noise my dog creates and will ensure that my dog does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests.
8. I agree that should Eckington Manor determine in its sole discretion that my dog is objectionable to
other hotel guests, I must immediately make other arrangements to house my dog outside the premises.
9. I understand and agree that the Hotel retains the right to exclude my dog if, in Eckington Manor’s sole discretion, my dog is considered dangerous by reason of size, disposition or is likely to frighten or harm other guests.
10. I release Eckington Manor, from any and all liability for any injury and/or damage suffered by my dog.
11. I agree that I assume full responsibility for any injury or damage caused or alleged to be caused by my dog and incurred or alleged to be incurred by any guest, employee or invitee of Eckington Manor. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Eckington Manor from and against any and all alleged or actual losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including solicitor fees and court costs) suffered by Eckington Manor asserted by any other guest, employee or person arising out of or in connection with my dog’s stay at Eckington Manor.
12. I agree that at all times while on the premises, I will ensure my dog complies with Eckington Manor’s “Guest Dog Agreement”.
13. I understand that I am responsible for cleaning up after my dog on Eckington Manor property and in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Corporate & Group Events                                                                                                                                                                             

We are happy to hold two provisional dates at any one time.  On confirmation of your booking, a 50% deposit is  required or full payment if the booking is made within a month of the booking date.  The outstanding balance must be paid 30 days before the event.  Drinks and wine not included in the package price will be invoiced after the event and our payment terms are 30 days from invoice.   All individual guest extras are to be settled on the day of departure.  Should you need to cancel the event, we are happy to switch to another date, subject to availability.  If this is not possible, we will refund the deposit up to one month prior to the event.  After that date we will retain 50% of the full fee.  The same policy applies to accommodation booked within the event.  Final cookery course and dining numbers, plus any special dietary requirements, must be confirmed five full working days before the event, to allow for purchasing of fresh produce.  Changes or cancellations after this cannot be refunded and full payment will be charged.  Eckington Manor Cookery School reserves the right, under unavoidable circumstances to cancel an event at any time.

We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act, omission, default or neglect of the Clients, their guests or sub-contractors to the  property or structure of Eckington Manor. Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to guest’s credit/debit card or send an invoice for the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage, to the registered address. We will, however, make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.

All property which you bring to Eckington Manor is brought entirely at your own risk and the proprietors cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of any students, nor do they accept any liability to any student such as is imposed by statute. During a course, and when you are not on the property, Eckington Manor does not accept responsibility for any injury which you incur.

Restaurant/Dining Reservations

We request at least 24 hours’ notice prior to your arrival/date time for modification/cancellation of a restaurant/dining reservation.   We reserve the right to charge 100% of the menu charge should 24 hours’ notice not be given.   

Gift Vouchers & Promotional Discount Vouchers/Cards

Gift vouchers and promotional discount vouchers/cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Gift vouchers and promotional discount vouchers/cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts, promotions or events.

Expiry date of a gift voucher is 12 months from date of voucher purchase.   For promotional discount vouchers/cards – the expiry date will be available to view on the voucher/card.

Gift vouchers and promotional discount vouchers/cards are subject to verification at time of presentation. Eckington Manor reserves the right not to accept any vouchers/cards that appear to be forged, damaged, defaced or tampered with.

No responsibility will be accepted for lost, stolen or damaged gift vouchers and/or promotional discount vouchers/cards. Photocopies are not accepted.  Such vouchers and/or promotional discount voucher/cards shall not be refunded.

Eckington Manor gift vouchers are only for use in the Cookery School for courses, accommodation or dining.   Eckington Manor promotional discount vouchers/cards are for use only as stated on the voucher/card.

Only Eckington Manor Vouchers are accepted by us for full or part payment for courses, accommodation or dining.   

No cash refund is available if the value of the gift voucher exceeds the purchase value.

Eckington Manor reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND GIFT VOUCHERS PURCHASED WITH A PROMOTIONAL CODE ARE EXEMPT FROM OUR USUAL GIFT VOUCHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS – THEY WILL EXPIRE ON 30 MARCH 2024 AND MUST BE REDEEMED AND USED IN FULL BY 30 MARCH 2024.  Gift vouchers that are purchased for dining and/or accommodation will not be valid for use on the following dates: 24, 25, 26, 31 December 2023; 1-16 January, 10, 14, 17 February, 9-15 March 2024 inclusive.    Reservations are required for voucher redemption, subject to availability.  Eckington Manor reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions.